Blender Weekly (Steam Punk (New-Years) Week 1)

This is something that is steampunk related as well. Even thought it is in the new year.


I thought I would do something different for the room from least week.

That is a big big wall of glass there.


I thought I would do the pipes at the start and not near the end.

I do like the martial that is hanging down. I have changed this thought.


This is a very different looking fireplace from least time.

I do like how this all looks and will do a smoky look to the texture.


These trees are to be seen as thought the room is mid air.

There are a lot of trees there. Might do some lights from below not sure yet.


These are for being out side to light up the balcony that is there.

I do like how they all look and am looking forward to the final look of the scene.


I am thinking that some mountains would look cool but I might turn them into hills not sure yet.

I will work that out when I am doing the texturing.


I thought I would do loads of tables and not just one big one.

I am going with a edge of the part look for this scene.

I do hope you like this.


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