Blender weekly (Steam Punk (New-Years) Week 2)

I have been working on the least week of this blog here.


I am thinking there are some chairs that are needed.

I have also added some benches out side.


I have added some carpet on the side as I thought it is what is needed.

I was thinking of making a flower for the vessel but I did not go with it as I like how they look right know.


When I did this I thought it would be better to have a few more things just I like how all this works and looks.

I did the plates and glasses together as they where both quite easy to make.


I thought basing this in this year would look kind of cool.

I have still kept the feel of steampunk in there as well.


I do like how all the lighting looks and works together.

The way the light falls is something I like.


It did take some time to get all the textures right.

I do like how the final result looks and feels.


As you can see the moon light falls just right along the floor.

I do like how this looks.

This is the least blender weekly that I know off. I will be learning more of what I would like to do with blender know and some other things in there as well.


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