Reviwing my year (2021)

This year has not been as good as I hope it was going to be. I have had a few things happen that I am not going to talk about yet. As for what I have planned I will go from point to point to say how I feel. I am not sure right know that I will have My big plans other then finding work.

365 project

I have done my best this year to go thought and see how my year is. I am thinking I need to start working on some things that I hope will change.

Blender weekly

I do like do these but sometimes they look rushed. So after New Years one I will be working on soon I will stop the weekly one and do one over time instead.

Make a computer game

As for this it is not happening as I made a mistake and it was not what I wanted. I might look into doing this again.

Get outside more

This is just laziness. I know I should have gone out more and it has not happened.

Work with more models

This is a hard one to do when all the models you like to work with are just looking for more followers. It is nothing about your skill but the number of people that would follow you on things. It is a bit of a pain in the bum.

This has not been over all a good year for me. Let us hope it will all change next year.


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