Me and my plan for the next few months or hopefully for the reast of my life

What I mean is that I am feeling fatter than I am as for the food I am eating is unhealthy and these are things I am going to be planning on changing. These are things I am going to be changing. Frist off I am going to be walking for at least an hour a day. I will be looking at adding about 2 hours of working 6 days a week, this will not be including all the walking that I am doing. Over the next few days, I am planning on seeing how to sort out my back and knees as I am standing all the time at work.

This last bit is something that I need to look into and work out as I am not sure what the best way is to find what would work for me. I know I have to take my time building up my muscle and stamina as I might pull something or hurt myself more. My body is the type that would have a six-pack but I would like to lose weight and see where I can take my body and I am hoping that next year I will be able to do London to Brighton off-road fully this time around.

One thing I have been looking into is cross fit. I think it would work for me thought I am not into the combative system. I would be looking at finding the right sort of gym for me, thought I am not someone that would go to the gym. This is why I am going to be using my spinner bike at home and a few things around the house. If I do start to lose weight and start getting fitter all the time then I might think about a gym. This is something that I will look at in the future as this might give me the motivation that I need for losing weight.

I am still writing a blog about my life so far and I hope to do one of these every few weeks where I will update you on how my health is and how my diet will be. I know this is dumb but I am not planning on starting on this for at least 2 weeks as I still need to sort out a meal plan and look up recipes for meals and exercises.

I do hope this will all work out as I am not great at keeping on doing projects like this.


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