What I do not miss about working in London

One thing I do not miss the travel as I could be packed into a train and the things is thought I hate being close to people I do not know. Also I hate that people are in not in the mood for things in the morning, which is not always a good thing. Thought people do look after other people when it is like this but still being cramped in and stuck like fish in a can for sale.

One time did not mind this when I started to cycling to work which was a great stress relief. As I could work out the stress but that all stopped when I was hit by a car. Then I was not feeling as safe as I once did on the road but I am hoping will change but I am going to see how things are as I will be cycling again with my mountain bike. I have started to use my spinner again, which I am hoping to help me getting me in shape.

The other thing I do not miss is working in an office. I am happy with where I am working know just need more time to get better at what I do that I will keep at it for a while.


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