Book and thoughts.

This is part of a book I am writing, and I would like to know people’s thoughts.

Chapter 1

It is nearly midday with the sun high in the sky when a guy walk’s out of a burnout forest in the countryside. At that moment, it felt like he was back in the SAS as he had a map and a rough direction he needs to get. Where he is not sure how to get there. One good thing is that the clothes he is wearing have some air-conditioner on while walking around. Even though it is a leather jacket and jeans, it is 40 degrees outside. He is also wearing a backpack which has some equipment in there. He is into colder weather than hot weather, but you must live with what you have. No point complaining about it. This is something that SAS has instilled in him over the years he was a part of them. The sky is filled with many moving vehicles going in different directions, speeds and heights. The waypoint he is moving to is still miles away and in a big blank area that he must work towards.

He was getting lost on the way toward the waypoint. He was trying to walk in a straight line as a map was in the bottom left corner of his eye. This person was annoyed about all the dead ends he was running into. That is up until this point, and he comes across a road nearby that has cracks in black tarmac like it is not looked after. A set of burnout cars nearby looks like they are in a car park. This is where he is heading, as there is some shade there to take a break and work out how best to move towards the waypoint. He considered using the car roofs to plot a root to his destination. There are some bushes around this area for cover that he could use. It does look like they are burnt out and used as junk piles. As he was getting closer to the car graveyard, he heard a noise on the road coming from the south, which was to his left and saw a rusted van heading towards him fast.

He moved a bit faster as he has little trust in people from what happened to him in his past. He gets closer to the bush and looks around, unsure what is happening with this world, so he keeps his head down. As this van gets closer. He sees it heading towards him on the path he was just walking. He runs to where all the cars are, hoping he can use it as some sort of cover. However, he feels he will need to jump in a bush any second. He held off on that as they were getting closer to him, or at least with them slowing down.

It sounds like the tiers are not gripping on this service as it is a bit gravely. As he finds a good spot behind some cars. But the van makes him jump to his left behind a vehicle. The one thing he did not think could happen happened when his jumping power made him overjump the distance he was planning on. So he had to tuck and roll. Moving towards the next set of closest cars, I have some cover to hide behind the wheel arch. This happens as the van stops and the doors open, where two people are getting out. One is short and looks more robotic as there was more metal showing than skin. They wear shorts, tank tops and boots that do not look like they have been looked after. The other one on the opposite side of the van is taller. They both also have lenses for the eyes. Which makes them look out of this world, at least to the guy on the ground.

“What you think?” The taller one says. “Shall we take him?”
“Yer, shall I grab him for us?” The shorter one says.
“Not yet. Let’s get some info if we can?” The taller one says as he walks around the front of the van.
“Where you from?” He calls out in a loud electronic voice. “What’s your name?”
“Not from here,” The guy on the ground says as he starts getting set to fight.
“Would you come out and talk to us?” He replies
“No”, The guy on the ground answered.
“Clank. Take him?” The tall one says as he starts moving slowly towards Burn’s.

Without a doubt, the shorter guy moves faster than he thought anyone could. Clank grasps his hands so quickly and powerfully that he manages to make The guy on the ground drop his gun. Clank then kicks it towards the taller guy and lifts that person off his feet in one go. This is something he thought he would not have to fight against. A scream comes out as the grip is more robust than he thought it would be. He shuts his mouth after that comes out. He does not struggle as the pain he has is something that he has to get under his control. Clank is holding his hands next to each other under the backpack the guy on the ground is wearing. Which is arching his back while his feet have left the ground.

“Look at what he was hiding.” The tall guy said as a third person climbed out and leaned up against the side of the van. “How much is this worth? Must be a pretty penny.”
“No clue,” says Clank from a distorted voice that must have been a speaker or something.
“It is…. Not for… Sale.” Captive says as he tries to control his breath as he starts to feel the pain.
“Shut up. This gun belongs to us, know.” The tall guy says with a glazed look like he is looking at something. “What can we do with this guy?”

As he was being held tight and the pain was starting to go out of his mind, he worked out how to get free. There is no actual movement he can take right now, making it feel like he is waiting for a starter’s gun to go off. The tall one with the man’s gun must be this group’s leader. Looking closer at the van, it looks like a transit van that has been beaten and bashed. There is rust and some small holes in the side. As though it has been shot at with guns. It is starting to look like he will be thrown into the back of the van. A message appears across his eyes, so he closes them and does not show he has a glazed look over them.

Someone is trying to hack your system. Would you like to fight back?

He thinks YES to the anti-hack system to start fighting back. Then another message appears.

You have taken some information.

As his eyes open, he sees the guy by the van holding his head as though he might be fighting something. Which infect he is as the anti-hack is kicking his arss, but it all stops suddenly. Like the guy had prevented the hacking but started to scream. The over two looks at the one screaming like he is on fire. Then the tall one starts pointing the gun he is holding at the prisoner. He knows he will have this fight as something about the weapon will stop people from using it on him.

“What are you doing to him?” Said the guy with my gun.
“No clue”, replied Clank. As he kicks my legs, but since I am not touching the ground, nothing really happens. “Oui, fucker, what you think you doing with my guy over there?”
“I was trying to hack him, but it failed. Can we kill him? He has taken information from me.” The guy by the van says with anger in his voice. The captured guy moves his head down to look at the floor as he starts working out how the next few things will happen, or at least what he hope’s will happen.
“Boss has just said we can kill him,” The tall one says while pointing the gun at the prisoner.

They look at him and start smiling, knowing what will happen next. He will have time to pull off his plan. The guy with the gun pulls the trigger, but what happens next gives everyone a shock, and the tall one just hits the floor as though he was hit with a very powerful taser. With that, he calls the knife he has kept in his bag. Which pushed his left hand away from the other by about 8 inches. With that happening, Clank slams the hands back together without looking down, and the knife goes through his metal wrist like it is nothing. Then the next few seconds need to go as planned, and he needs to move fast. So next, he calls his gun back and shoots out Clank’s knee. With that happening, Clank drops him, how spins, and shoots him through the chest and head with 4 shoots or two double taps.

Once he is down, the guy with the gun turns again and starts aiming at the third guy, pulling out a grenade to throw at him, but he shoots him through the arm holding it and then double-taps him both in the heart and head. This is something that the SAS has put into his training for years. This third guy has not moved far away from the van, so the grenade rolls back towards the van, which he was hoping would not happen as he could have driven to the waypoint. It is just under the van when it stops, setting it off and exploding. He did not have any time to hide behind cars nearby. After a while, he moved. None of his weapons is close by, so he calls them back to himself. The guy is back on the ground, and he gets up and starts moving toward the one on the floor, making sure he is dead by double-tapping him. He then takes a moment to plug in and take all his information on his hard drive.

I would like to know what you think of my writing. There is a lot more to this than what I have put here, please do not worry about the grammar and things as this will be something I will go through with someone at some point, I hope.

Thanks for reading.


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