Why I love Blogging.

I am not a fan of writing which I will go into in a bit, but first, why do I love blogging?  It is something to do with freedom.  I have a lot of problems with putting myself across to people and I think this has helped me.  I also find it nice as I am pushing myself to do things that I have never done before.  I have started to read more and tried to write books, but the books have not gone anywhere really.

The reason for that is I have dyslexia.  It is something that I have had the whole my life and I do I not hold back which makes blogging a bit difficult as sometimes I do not know how to spell the word I am trying to say.   Which gives me a chance to what I am trying to put across,  as I have rewritten sentences as I can not spell one word.  I have many ways around it which is Grammarly, Google and just sounding it out.

The advantage of using all these is that I would find the right spelling and how to put it across.  Before I found Grammarly I would use google and family to help with spelling which would stress me out as words and meaning to what I am writing would change a lot.  Which can be very stressfully, but know that I have Grammarly I can put it in my own words and have what I mean to come across.  I do love that my family helped out just I find this much more fun and easy.

To me, it is more than just blogging I know I only do it once a week and at one point I was doing it twice which I need to start doing again.  I love putting my thoughts from time to time on here as well as why I do something.  I have a lot of ideas but I normally use Pinterest online.  which is a great way to make mood boards.  I am also able to look at other photographers which do help me with my own photography which is something I should start writing as I was hoping to put up one each month but it has been some time as I have been busy with a few other things.

I find it a great way to express myself and how I love to come across more people how would love to see my blog and other things that I do.  The screenshot at the start is from where I was writing this blog and not changed the spelling or grammar to what it should be.  There is a lot of things I need to do with my blog as I have grown to love typing out my thoughts about places and shoots I have done.

I hope you loved this as I have loved typing it out.


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