What is wrong with social media?

This is me not trying to rent, as this is a rough look at what is happening on social media and how people react with there own lives.

To start with you have these trends that everyone must do.  To me, I think most of them are dumb and stupid.  As if you do not need to do them, the only reason to do them is to be part of a hard.  Like most things these days you need to be in, I am not like this in any shape or form. There are new dances that you have to do. This is the same with challenges, nominees and other things that make you act like sheep. Some of these things are not good for you.  Doing things like this is like a herd of sheep. If you are not apart of the hard you get bullied and treated badly.

One way you can look at it is like fast food. Yes, it is good for a short time but what about the long-term is it good for your body? Well, no actually. That is why you should try and be healthy for your body and not eat much fast food compared with other healthy foods. This can be said the same thing for socail media.

As once Bob Marley said: “The problem is people are being hated when they are real and are loved when they are fake.” Me personal I am not as worried about peoples thoughts about me. As I know how I am but being fake is something that social media seems to be pushing on to everyone.  Is better then thinking you need to be liked and loved by people that will walk away when you are in trouble.  

One of the biggest problems is that more and more people are being fake than their true self. Which is where all these mental issues are and some disorders. Personal I do not follow people that would change my life. The main reason for people todo this is that it is pushed on their accounts thought out socail media. Some else that dose not help is Reality TV as people try to be what these starts are like even thought they are not them.

Which is putting people into a bad place for their future. Then one thing that happens on Social media is all the bullying trolling and other things that people think are fun when taking the piss out of one person. This is not just everyday people this is happening to. I am not a fan of this as most of this is them trying to get noticed in a world of people acting like sheep. As there are some people that are after likes. Personal I would like more likes as this will help out my profile to get bigger but I am not after pushing things on people.

One thing I have to say good about Social media is that it can help people find things that are missing, stolen or found. What I mean is that there are people that are willing to do amazing things, for others and not all of it is online. As they know they are doing the right thing and not looking for approval from others. I do have a habit of looking for some but not as much as other people do.

There is something that I have not looked at thought which is the way some people shame others as they are being true to themselves. No one should have to be skinny if they do not go to be. As long as you are happy with how you are then you should not worry about anything and see where things can lead. I am not part of any heard really I am just someone that likes to try new things and is happy with myself as I am. This is how I see socail media.


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