Politics and my thoughts on this…

To start this off I am not a massive political person. I have only voted a few times and not been happy with some of the results ( I will go into more in a different bit). These are my views on what is going on in the UK elections at the moment. Some things are just how all the information comes across, to me it is more about how the party is then the person then the leaders. There is also something about these leaders at the moment then the parties that I do not like and turning me away from voting on them.

I am not sure where to start writing as there is a lot to cover. As far as I can tell the reason for this snap election is to give the current Primister more power as his cabinet and government is lower then he needs to be able to do what he plans with Brexit. I am talking about Boris Johnston.

I use to love watching what he was up too as he was a clown, but after the Brexit vote, I have thought he is a lying, cheating and power hunger person that has been around for some time. He should not be the Priminster at all. He acts like a wisard he doses something with one hand but doses something else with the other. Mind you that is how all the political systems are these days. Even the ones that say they are for the people they just lie, as they are mainly looking after there friends and family to line there own pockets.

The main reason I have never voted is not that I feel like my voice will not be heard as there is alot of living and not follow thought with what they are telling us. The biggest regret I have had when I did vote is going for leaving on the Brexit vote. As the main reason for leaving that I had was the NHS and keep giving it a lot of money as it so deserves. Personal I could not work for the NHS but I do have the highest respect for those that do. It was nothing to do with where people are from as I think keeping open borders is a good thing. The other reason for leaving was to let our government govern us and not someone from elsewhere.

As for Jeremy Corbyn, I feel like he has no power in his party. He has had a former party member say he should not be the prime minister and the way the party works and acts make me feel like something bad is going on behind the closed doors and which is not what you went in the government.

As for some of the other parties in this race, I do not know much about them. Which are not as in your face it will boil down to the two. This is a chase of a clown and an OAP. Which is something that says how do you went more a lying, underhanded person or someone that does not know what is happening and where things are going? This is something I hope will change but I have a feeling it will not as the US political system have all changed and now have a businessman as there top guy. Which makes me think the world is doomed and it is all about who is the most popular.

This is not how I feel the world will be going and then it less about the people who live in the country and more about what is happening in the stance of the person in charge and not what people went. There are more lies given than anything as they are all showing propaganda and not worrying about the people that live in the country. That is one thing I have noticed over the last few years.

Another thing that has my goat up is that they are each other in much to make each other look bad. This also spreads misinformation which makes things all the muddier to work out how you would like to vote for. Then It all comes down to how you are and what you stand for.

As things are coming along in this election there are more and more dumb things. That looks into, from Nigel Farage and what The Briextit Party what’s to be, for the UK. To a debate that was being looked after a natural company but it was looked after a conservative party which would skew the outcome of the debate.

Which is something that should be not involved anything like this? Personal I did not watch it as it is two people trying to out-think and trying to push things on over people. This is how some of the political views are done but when it is jibber-jabber it is not a fun thing to be done.

I will be looking into all the parties and see what would be the best line up for me but I know the main two parties are not for me. I will be doing more looking into what would work well for what I believe or at least where the country is going. I do hope this does not change into a political blog as there is not what I have this for.


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