Photoshop DCC (June 8th to June 19th)

Day 1

This is something that is fun hopefully just I am working on a few other projects while working on them. This looks like it is a slow burner so it will take some time and should get better.

Use Transform controls to create a custom cover image for your Behance project.

This is a very usefully skill and would use it in the future.

Day 2

This was all about making mood boards and things like that.

Create a mood board by combining imagery and texture with the frame tool.

As you can see I have alot of steampunk on the mind as I am building a steampunk area in a blender. It is not as big as it could be I might add to it as time goes by but I am trying out a lot of different things in there to see how things work and act. I plan on doing a blog about how I find using Blender and creating things in there.

Day 3

This was something I might use in the project I am working on.

Customize a monogram using Type tools and Blend Modes.

This is something I could use in posters and other things for the build I am doing at the moment. I have alot to go thought and work out for myself and see how things go.

Day 4

This is something that I am not into at all.

Build a technicolor postcard by adding and editing custom colors.

As you can see there is not much to it but I just know I am not a fan of this look at all.

Day 5

Yer well this is something I do not plan on using in my photography or art work maybe.

Combine photos and shapes to create a collage illustration using Smart Shapes.

This is a bit messed about and changed over time.


I do love the way this looks and will work out how to add it to my work.

Merge multiple photos for a double-exposure effect using Layers and Masks.

I have done something a bit different from what was asked but it does still look cool.

Day 7

Well this is how it was working in liquify then anything.

Liquify color for a custom marble texture.

This is a quite simple thing to do and I am not sure it is in my place of art I would use it.

Day 8

This is something we have done before and how to use distort is a big thing.

Add movement to text using a Displacement Map.

I admit I should do less with the yellow colour but Ido like the colours yellow and black.

Day 9

This is something I use all the time. I must admit though I am someone that has used this thought out my time retouching as this helps out loads.

Explore Photoshop Actions to apply creative effects.

The only thing is though the amount of recording that is done is massive. The ones I have got from the DCC is a lot longer than the ones I normally use. There is alot to perp for these images to work on and work thought.



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