Blender weekly(4×4)

This was a fun one to make. I have to say I do like how this has come out.


I started as always with the body, as there is no point in starting anywhere else.

I do like how this looks as I was adding some bits I like from real world cars.


I built the wheels next which made me change a few things on the body as there was a size of wheel I was looking for.

I did add the axels as well which is something that I have to say just adds it up.


I added the suppression to the model and the number of parts are there as they need some bouncing softness.

I have added a lot of other parts added that I will just have not much going on.


This was the start of having a lot of weapons and things on this I have made a support system for the guns as well.

I did make this with twin 50 cal guns but is because this will kill any thing.


Added these to the car as I thought it would call to have a static shooting on here.

These are just here to blow up some other drones.


I added an engine and things like that.

I did have fun doing the pipe work on this model.


The final result is something fun and I hope looks jut as cool.

I did a grass affect onto this drone and how it all looks like it has been racing.


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