blender weekly (Train Station)

Well, this is something that I had in mind for some time, or at least doing a photo shoot in this sort of area. I have to say that it was fun building my own one just I need to work on texturing as I am not happy with how it all looks.


This was a fun one as I had to sort out how the tunnels and how it all looks just using one plane object.

But as you can see I have some work todo on the texturing of that model. I am hoping on learning how to do things and how to get things to look right.


I thought by adding some tracks to the model would add something to the scene over all.

I do like how these look as they same to add something to the how scene and the feel of grit is something I like in my works.


Adding stuff to the station is giving it more character then what I first thought.

I have been thinking about adding some posters to this but looking at this it looks amazing.


These are some things that you find going thought the track ways I must say that I have not add somethings that I should have done.

I have to say the wiring here actually gives something to the over all look of the scene that I have created.


I have been working on a train that has a part to the whole.

I was thinking of doing the side view of the train.


As normal I have been working on the lighting for the scene.

I know it dose not same like much but this has got some cool lighting to it.


I know there are some things that I can not help with just wish that I could improve on them.

I do like it when a style and look come all together.


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