Photo Printer

I will write out a blog about the make that I will use.  As I can sell through my site instead of Redbubble which makes the cost alot cheaper for both sides. Also, I what to start showing off my work around the house and will look amazing.

I am a fan of Epson so I found an Eco Tank printer at A3+ size paper so I can have some great size photos at a great price. The Eco Tank models are great for the ink amount used per sheet and the cost per bottle is better than the price of the cartridges. I know there is more money in making the cartridges but these refills are cheaper to make and more ink per refill.

There is alot I could say about photo printing.  Which I might talk about in the furture blog as there is a lot more inforamtion then just sending it to the printer.  What I mean by that is all inks and papers and printers are differnet.  So you might need to download all the right profiles for the right printer to papers.  Personal I stick to the same paper as printer make as well as the ink.

The printer is sitting near me as I write this and I whish I had a cable so I can start printing photos.  The least time I had a printer I was in univeresty.  This will be fun to do as I do like to some things myself and if it makes it cheaper to print and let people buy all the better.

I do hope this is a good thing,  I will have some prints for sell by the next time you read a blog about printing as it is not as easy as you might think.


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