Model Release forms

This is something I need to update.  There are many ways this can be looked at.  These are legal documents that are here for models and photographers to have a contract.  There are alot of different things that need to be coved.

Why do you need one of these or sign one?

This bit is harder to write as I am looking for photographers standpoint.  The biggest reason to have one of these so that it can give your looks and rights to the photographer and not model.  Which if you think about can be one-sided, but also depends on the situation you are shooting.  What I mean what is what the pictures are for.

Time for prints –

If you signed this as a model the photographer would be able to sell them without asking you.  Which is something I am not a fan of, as this is taking the mic off the model.

The model being paid –

This one I would say model release form is a good thing to say.

Photography being paid –

In my view it will be the client that has the right to the photos.

Constructed by a company –

They right have all the rights to all the photos.

You can ask to use some of the photos but that is down to clients that you are working with.

Who would use one of these?

Well, there is alot to say about it, as these are mainly for the models to use so the photographer is more important.  In my view, there should be communication between all parties on what is going to happen during the shoot.


There are some good things to say about these things from a legal point of view, but on the other hand, there is alot to them.  I was looking at different places for a new one and somewhere alot of pages when I have one somewhere which is only a page which in my view is much better than pulling out a 6-page document and asking them to sign their life away.  As for where a page is quicker to read than anything and at a start of a shoot it is much better.

I do hope this has shad some light on this subject.


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