Duck Land

This weekly shoot is all based on Ducks and how they eat.  I have to say watching wild animals eat can be interesting.  How I did this is that I got some wild duck food to feed the ducks that are in parks and pounds as it same as I feed different types of ducks they change how they act when getting their food.  That said once the swans swim in the feel and look of the other ducks all change.  It is like the king and queen have come in so it all charms as they know they will get hurt if they get to close.  There are a few things I have to learn while shooting these photos and that is feeding and taking photos of animals at the same time is heard but I think I have done well.

5Arches (2018-06-27

I chose a few spots as there are a few different angles to get them looking at you.

When I was walking there I thought I would get some shots of how the field looks like it so different.


Danson (2018-07-05)

Well, this has a really big lake and I thought it would be a good place for some ducks, which there was.  Did also same to be a whole lot of geese.  As they were the animals that greeted you when you walked into the park.  They were the frist of many stops as there are fishing spots along one side of the pound that is where I was feeding the ducks.  This was on a hot day that we have had in the UK.  So that means ducks are going to be well fed as mums and dads bring their little ones out to enjoy the sun.

Work for sale.

Duck on pound

This was one from 5 Arches and was with me feeding him from above.


Spider on a plant

This is a macro shot of a web on a sunny day.


Double Duck

This is of two ducks after they have had some food.


Swan time

This is when all the ducks just left it to these eat what I was handing out.


Mother and babies

This was one of many where I shot this mom feeding her duckies the food I was putting out.


Bright flower

This was a flower that I saw while I was on my Danson walk.


I do hope you have read this far as it was fun taking these photos.


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