Weekly roundup (09/07/2018 – 15/07/2018)

If you are not sure if you know but I am riding London to Brighton off-road which will be fun.  Here is the link if you like to sponsor me, so please click here.

Monday Ride

Well, I had alot of fun riding my mountain bike.  There was not really that many cars which is one of the biggest problems of cycling as there are alot of bad drivers out there.  Just when I am cycling in the woods and off-road in general.  It is much easier to go at my own pace and not worry about cars as they do their daily thing.  The one thing I am going to try and improve is my cycling speed as I am going quite slow and need to pick it up.  I think it is mainly the hills that are slowing me down.

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 09.27.33.png


Tuesday Ride

this was a good ride even though I did not ride for long or harder then I have been.  I have worked out where I have some sounds coming from and things I need to sort out and have sorted out.  The weather is in good shape to be riding for alot longer but I had to come back and sort out my suspension.  As I need to put some air in the rear shock.  I forgot to charge my Gramin which meant I had to use my watch.  I have all the bits of Gramin that is normal on my bike so I can charge the batteries.

Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 09.07.46.png

Wednesday Ride

this is the longest ride I have done on my mountain bike and will be doing longer and longer rides at the moment.  There is alot of fine dirt all over one of the woods I use which is slight covers my bike.  It was a fun ride that I will be doing more rides over the next few weeks.

Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 11.03.38.png

Thursday Ride

This was another fun ride.  It was not as long as yesterdays ride as my Garmin need more charging so I did a short ride than planned.  I did some cool routes thought out Joydans wood.  I love riding and the climbing that I am doing all the time.  I love the elevation changes and can not wait to do more climbing all the time.  As most of the ride is climbing.  There are alot of dusty mud all over the woods.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 09.45.33.png

Friday Ride

Well, today’s ride was good fun and loved it.  I did alot of miles and it felt great to ride as I did alot of climbing and I know I have tons more that I can do in the future as there is some twist and turns through the woods right next to peoples houses.  Which also has alot of ups and downs as well.  It dose feel good to ride it.  The only thing thought is I need to get faster at it as I am not a great climber.

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 15.27.25.png

Saturday Ride

I did do a good ride today as I was pushing harder then I was yesterday.  My plan is to start riding for longer and longer to try and make some good distance.  As I have got some new shoes which I am still breaking in.  Which amazingly is starting to work out, as my feet find them nice and cosy.  So the goals for next week is do longer and harder riding.

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 11.25.22.png

Sunday Thought

Having my mountain bike back is going to be a great help as I start to push myself to get fitter and fitter as it goes along.  I do love the feel of riding and seeing what will happen thought out my training.



“It’s a risky business being a cyclist in the UK, there are a lot of people who really dislike us. It’s the Jeremy Clarkson influence – we’re hated on the roads. We just hope people realise we are just flesh and bones on two wheels.”
Victoria Pendleton, gold medal winner in the women’s sprint at the Beijing Olympics, 2008.

I hope you enjoyed this


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