Photoshop DCC (May 12th to May 22nd)

I will be working on these other the next few weeks. I have to say these are showing me some good ideas and these will work out for future projects.

Day 1

I have to say this dose look cool and how they look is just amazing.

Turn any object into a golden statue using the Apply Image command and Blending Modes.

I do like the idea of this as there is something that just stands out on them.

Day 2

This is something I have not really thought about but doing this daily challenge has made it feel good and fun.

Make 3D objects pop out of a 2D surface using Layer Masks and Adjustment Layers.

I just thought this look different and would work really well with in certain places. Not sure what places yet but something fun.

Day 3

These are not my hands but they look ok for this shoot.

Design a surreal portrait by combining and manipulating photographs with Blending Modes and Adjustment Layers.

This dose look good just I will do something different and fun for them.

Day 4

This is something that I have been working on yesterday. This is also something that I have done a lot of and I do say there are things that I should improve on just I felt like I should not spend that long doing it.

Remove sections from an object or subject, giving it an invisibility effect using the Clone tool and Spot Healing Brush.

As you can see it is all about the head area.

Day 5

Text. Something things that will work well and working on some amazing things with other projects.

Design extravagant text effects using patterns and text layer styles.

Too me this is something that I am working on some amazing projects and work with different looks and how things are going.

Day 6

This is defiantly something new for me just not something I would do again.

Imprint your face on a custom metallic coin using filters and vector shapes.

I have just peeped it simple and easy to do.

Day 7

Football shirt design. this is something that I have been doing for a few different things.

Design a custom sports jersey using Blending Modes and a Displace Filter.

This is a cool thing that I have been destining for a short while. I do like that design and work on future things as these are my colours for most things that I use.

Day 8

Yer I do not like this one at all. I am not a fan of this style or look. but using different things and different styles dose help getting better at retouching and working within photoshop.

This is not my best work just I do like working on photoshop images and seeing how things are.

Day 9

This was something that I was not thinking they would do. I have been thinking of adding things to future.

This was just a simple one that I chose to do I think in future I will be doing some amazing work on some fantasy photos.

I did like this set of images and working on a new one should be fun as I have learnt a few new things and will be working on them some point this week.


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