Blender Weekly (Cand land Week 2)

This is the continuation of the week 1 work I did least week.


I chose to add in some boiled sweets or hard candy you can say.

As you can see I know there is more work todo with textures and things like that.


I thought that river could do with some water break that is along the river.

I did it such a way that you should be able to see the river.


This was meant to be fizzy but I still tried to go for that colour.

To me that is something wroung with the look of the water.


Jelly babies time.

I know how they look but I do like them.


This was a simply one to do.

I did and tried to do some render with this one just it did not work, when I did it so the final image looks a bit different to what you might think.


This was simple but yet effective.

I do like the middles and how the colour just pops out. This is to me what gobstoppers look like.


I have been rendering a fuller version of this for the least few hours, or I should say 20 hours which is has also got some screen recording going so I can upload the render as a video. I might do a few of them just to see what people think or like.

Know it is all together I think there are some things that I could change but I am moving on to new things. I will be looking in to things where I can help with looks and colour scames.


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