Blender Weekly (Orks)

This is another Warhammer 40k version that is in my own thoughts.


This was a fun and hard one and working on some amazing bits and bobs that worked out.

I did put a small hill into the scene but that was mainly to have some height to this project.


I put a fort into this scene as I think it gives it something.

This building was designed to look ram together and put up in a hurry. As that is the way the works are.


I added pipes not just because it is one of my fav things to do but as a way to make something look amazing.

I do find it fun to make pipes and create some thing fun like this. As it kinds of looks like it it is finding something.


I chose to add some camp fires as this is something that I have not really done before.

I did not feel like adding fire or at least not just yet.


Adding some scrap parts to the model.

I also added a few bits that are going to have some mushrooms in there.


This is just about the lighting an how I can change the final look of the polly scene.

It actually took a while to get the smoke right and how I would low the flames to look but once it was done it looks nice. I will be adding more fire and smoke to my projects.


This is the first version of what I did. There was some parts that I changed once I have shown these things.

The one below is the final version of this polly scene and I put in all the mushrooms by hand and that took some time as the one above was done using hair system.

This was a fun one that I love and can not wait to do more like this.


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