Blender weekly (Pirate cove)

This is something that I have had a few thoughts about and am planning on working on.


This was a fun start.

I know the water dose not look good but that is something I am working on.


This was a bit harder to work out how I wanted the boat to look.

I know there is more that I can do and work on as I start getting better at designing things.


Adding a pile of coins with some gems was a good idea.

I did these and thought the coins just do not look right. I have redone them and will show you later.


Adding treasure boxes and swords are my thing.

I do think having a pile of swords looks cool.


So I thought added some more gold bits and necklaces.

I like how the gold looked here and added the same look to the coins.


I just did one light and used a glass wall to use as a diffuser.

As you can see the gold looks much better here.


The final look of the scene is something I like. While the low res below looks like a painting I am not sure how the high res version will look as it is rendering as we speak.

The one thing I hope to work on more in the future is textureing and UV unwraps. This is a big thing to me and I need to work on it.

I think I have to work on the water. I do like the over all look of the cove.


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