How I work in different​ lights?

Well, this can be summed up as how much light there is on the day to how much kit I have with me.  To me, it is more about a balance of natural light there is to how much flash I will need to use.  As sometimes a mix of lights will look amazing as this is how I work from time to time.  There are alot of different styles you can do, with different light conditions.

The best thing about photography is that you can set how your photos look just by playing around with ISO and how the photos are taken.  As one thing I do with low light.  I start with lowing my aperture then I will move on to shutter so I can slow it down.  Then I start looking at the ISO.  I have a thing with the ISO which is I do not go other a certain number of noise.  As I like photos to look clean and happy, not messy and noisy so normal I do not shoot other 400 ISO but You can shoot much high than that.

There are a few things you have to think about when working as a photographer in different lights on location photographer which I do all the time.  As you have the number of things to think about when you are shooting.  From where the sun is to how much light would like to add to the photo.  This can be all changed by using different types of kit from reflectors to flash guns can all be used in different areas it is all about balance at the end of the day.

This is the main thing with the blog you might go to read.

Low light:

I would use flash guns with a low aperture and a high ISO so I can get the model or go I am shooting looking great.  I will work with the light and the camera to find the right balance thought each place I would shoot.

Sun out:

I will still use a flashgun just to knock out the shadow on the side and I would have to balance out the camera as I go along on the shoot.

Sun hiding:

I mean behind clouds or in the shade.  This is much easier to shoot as sometimes all you need is one flashgun on your camera to pull out the model.

I normally work out how much light and where I need to light it before I start actually taking the photos as sometimes there are some things that will not look right on the image.  The other thing is on the day might be something different to what you hoped in the day.  This where being creative helps.

So all this comes down to is how much light you have at the time and how much you can fake it with flash guns.  This is how I think when it comes to light.


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