Wednesday Shooting

These are walks I have done on Wednesday as and are a week about.  I have to say I need to start looking in different areas to shoot but I also have to think about the cost as well.  There are a few things that I need to sort out for myself.

Five Arches (2018-09-05)

I should really call this place Foots Cray Medows, As this is what the area is actually called and not after the bridge that is in the middle of the park.


There is something about these weeping trees that I just love looking at.  It might be the lines and how they look in the lake but they just look cool.


Sacrbary Park (2018-09-12)

This park is a cool place to be as there are alot of ups and downs.  There are some nice places to be.


There is something about this place that looks amazing but there are sometimes missed layed bikes and lost ones I just hope that there are not stolen.


I will be putting the photos up for sale soon.


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