London to Brighton off-road 2018 | Training | Week 17 – Final Week

There is links to the weekly round-ups next to each week if you like to see more details.  Here again is where you can donate your money for the ride so please click here.

Week 17 (03/09 – 09/09)

This was a good week of riding I am hoping that I will be working on my stamina and strength.  I love riding and can not wait to start the challenge.  As this will bushing, I and my knees should least but that will be what I am hoping will be done in about 10-hours this is what my goal is as I am trying to climbing and this is what I am hoping to work on this but it is a hard thing to do.

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 09.53.10

This was a push as I have done some good cycling distance.  I have to say trying to do 60 kilometres was a good goal and will try this again this week.  I love being on my bike.

Week 18 (10/09 – 16/09)

Just about the final few days and there are things that need to be sorted out.  There are things that need to be sorted before I can do the ride.  I am hoping that the part that I am missing will turn up on Wednesday.  As I will not have time to get any new parts for the ride.  So the only thing I can think off doing is riding on my other bike but that is as the last resort.  This something I hope will go well, as there are more things that can go wrong but to me, I think it will work out.

Screen Shot 2018-09-16 at 19.14.05

I have not ridden as much as I would have happed as I am hoping to ride on my MTB all week till the axle popped out.  Which put a spanner in the works.

Final Week (17/09 – 21/09)

this week has not really been about training as I have lost my bike due to a broken part which I am waiting for.  I will be on the other hand going to be setting my bike up ready as much as I can.  There are a few things I can only do as I wait for this part.  This is the frist time that I am getting stressed out a bit due to this but I have a feeling it will work out as somehow it always does.  When the break happened I knew I could sort it out as fast as I can.  It has taken some time to get to where I am.

Screen Shot 2018-09-21 at 13.24.09.png

This has not been a good week for cycling as you can see in the distance done.  I do wish I had my mountain bike for the whole week instead of the road as I am not a fan of the road.

Report for the month

I have lost alot of weight and this is starting to feel good.  I am watching a few videos from last years ride and see how things are as I will be doing this route this year.  I am hoping to get a video of the ride done myself but it might take a week to sort out.   As there are alot of things to go thought.  It is mainly footage as there will be alot of it.  I will be running two cameras and alot of cards as well.  There is alot of places I will mark out as well.

This is how my bike looks on Friday before I start working on it at night.


This is how it looks an hour later.

I hope you like all the images and love I have for my bike.



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