Reviwing my year (2020)

How to write about my review this year as for most of it I have been indoors at home due to what is going on. In other words I am trying to stay safe and work on things that are apart of me. Looking back at what I was hoping on doing is great stuff just I have been finding it hard to get work in my line of work so I am teaching my self other things to help with future projects and planning on things that will be going into details in my next post. As for what I was hopeing to get out of this year hear is a list of them.

Finding a full time job

This one was harder another with out lock down happening. As I personal do not like the idea of people being close to me while covid is still about. Also the field I was looking at is a hard one that I am trying to get back into fully is hard to do so. So the longer I am out the harder it will be to get back in.

Loss weight and keeping fit

This is something I would love to do just my lazy bone is kicking in. I just need to keep this going on, just I am not feeling the will to do so.

Win more at Warhammer

This one is hard when this is best played face to face. Which is har to do in these times.

Keep 365 photos going

This is something that I should have a lot of photos that are different all the time but being indoors all the time has just made them all the same. I am shy about showing my face so objects is something that I do all the time.

Monthly fantasy photos

This is something I need to get back into as there are always ideas for each month. I am thinking of not doing this in 2021 as I am working thought blender know and I nee to think about it a bit. Might do the odd photo from time to time.

I know a lot of people are thinking about them selves right now due to what is going on and how things are working out. There is not much else to say really.


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