How is my programming going

Well, this is something that works out well, so far as I am trying to get a car to drive a certain way and so far I have switch software as I was using Unreal Engine 4 but nothing looked like it would be working that well. So I switch to Unity, and so far things have been much easier to work out and work thought. I am also working on this when I am not in blender which is most of the time. Also the software the langue that I am using is very different and I have got my head around it quicker.

What I mean by that as UE4 has two physics engines and northern of them seemed to work for me as where as going into Unity I have been able to make the car drive jump and slide really well. I am still tweaking things in the software to make it run better and when I start on the AI side of things it will be fun to see how it all goes.

So right know my programming is running really well, I just have to work on a lot more just I am taking my time to get this one thing to work the way I would like it to work which as a designer is very important, but this will only happen once the code I am using is working the way I would like it to. The only thing I am oing write know is taking my time an getting things the way I like it to.


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