Back on my bike

One thing I have not been doing but meaning on doing is getting back on to my mountain bikes. Which I have done today, and something I will be trying to do from know on as I have been mainly riding my one on a spinner. I am hoping to do more and more miles once my legs are feeling better as I cycle along. Having the covid jab is something that has helped me get out there and riding more. I do have to say being back on my bike is fun and enjoyable.

I have been riding on a spinner for most of this year 2 times a day for at least 3 months and riding for 6 days a week is helping and I am going to change one of the spinning times with going in to my local park as I start to get fitter and fitter. I am hoping to loss some weight just that will take some time. I thinking riding on a spinner is good but riding outside is much better.


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