Blender Weekly (Steam Punk (Xmas) Week 1)

I know on Instagram I have not said that this is a 2 week build, but it is.


I thought I would start off with someone simple.

Then a few more things where added and I am hoping it all works out.


I thought I would add some turned legged chairs but I got these.

Once I started to look at the more they do not look strong at all. I am thinking that there are some motel poles in there as a core.


This is something I thought I would keep looking strong

I do like how the table looks and works together.


I thought I would keep this simple but there is some details in the shelevs.

All these books have their own texture to them, so that will be fun when I go thought the texture day.


Once I got the rug down I thought I need a table cloth.

That still did feel like another so I did a sofa and a skill throw.


This is just a cool looking fire place.

I will put a fire in there just I am going to do it with the lighting.


I have to say having something different like pipes and a tree in there is kind of nice to look at.

I can not wait to go thought and have this all textured up and lighting will look amazing.

I am looking forward to what else I am working on over the next week. There is still a lot more to add it will take a while to do and add.


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